Paraben Free Lightening Cream

Have you been looking around for some skincare products and have been seeing ingredients such as paraben on the list? If so, you need to avoid this ingredient at all cost because it has been linked to be a carcinogen meaning it is harmful to your health! So many people have made the switch from something that is bad for their skin over to Epibright lightening cream, which is a paraben free solution.

What If Parabens Did Not Exist?

Parabens are used to preserve the shelf life of many different types of cosmetics and personal products. This means that if there were no parabens at all, the shelf life would be much shorter for all of these products.

There have even been studies that have been done that show the function of this ingredient can be useful because it protects humans from infections. If this is so, why do many people talk about skin products and parabens being bad? Well, because they can cause many different allergic reactions in people as well as different skin irritations. It should be said that this does not happen to everyone because each person will react differently but it is a good choice to avoid any skin care product that has these.


The number 1 concern when it comes to parabens though is that there has been a link with cancer. This ingredient has been used since the 1920s in many types of products but now, thanks to new research,w e know so much more. If it was good for older people, it may no longer be the case that it can be safe for humans today.

To list a few of the parabens, methlparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, you can start to see there are many. These can act like estrogen which has shown to increase cancer in women. This is never a good thing so avoid it! In the UK there was a study that showed parabens in the tissue of a women that had breast cancer!

This does not mean that they can cause cancer, but it is still fearful because it can mimic estrogen. If I were you, I would prefer to be safe and not use any cream or skin product with this in it just so I do not have to worry about what may happen.

Skin Absorption – A living tissue

Our skin is a living tissue so anything we put on it will be absorbed into the body. Some people have said that some of the chemicals we take in from skin creams may not be able to be excreted. This could be a reason that these were found when they looked at the breast tissue of the cancer victim. This is just a problem waiting to happen.

Parabens can be found in a wide variety of products including lotions, facial washes, and different fragrances and smells. This begs of the question if any creams are left without these inside.

The answer is that the Epibright has been greatly researched by scientists and manufacturers and they are very upfront about the fact that their product does not contain hydroquinone or any parabens. They want to only use organic safe ingredients so they do not put the health of their buyers in danger.

Really the only reason that no other company has taken this approach is that they want to take the easy way out. It requires money and research to find alternatives and they are not willing to do so. The FDA does not have any control over what goes into skin care products so they can be used whenever the company wants to. Take the time to check out Epibright reviews so that you will not be in danger of any of the side effects.


Ingredients such as sodium laurl sulphate, or SLS as well as propylene glycol will get into your skin which goes into the stream of blood in your body. Over HALF of all personal care products contain these two chemicals.

These have not been tested to show how toxic they are and are not regulated by any government or regulations so you will likely not notice any warning labels. Take care to check the ingredients in your personal care cream to make sure it is safe.

How To Protect Yourself

Get involed and try to raise awareness wherever you can. You can also call your representatives and tell them what you think about this. There should be some sort of organization to protect us from these companies.

The most important thing we can do is make sure to read each label to know what is being put in our skin care products that we buy and use every day. That way we can stay informed on what is being placed on our skin.

Finally, we should make sure the company that we are buying our products from is only useing safe ingredients and that they are not using any parabens, mercury, or hydroquinone. If they are worried about your health at all, they would never put these inside a cream. Make sure they are backed up with a policy or guarantee and you should be safe each time.

Epibright Lightening Cream – A Safe and Great Choice

We took a look at the skincare market and a lot of the cosmetic options available today and found that Epibright lightening cream is by far the best sollution. They are taking the issue of parabens seriously and have not included any in their product. All other ingredients have been tested so many times to make sure there is no harmful chemicals so you can feel beautiful and healthy when using it.

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