Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of shows our firm commitment to respecting the privacy concerning the personal information divulged by those visiting our website. We strictly adhere to the following stringent practices:

Protecting the client’s privacy is our main aim and we can show you how we do this in the way we collect and use information provided by you as well as assist users. We strive to constantly update our policy in keeping with new technologies and customer requirements.

Type of Information Collected

We collect both personal information as well as website use information.

Personal Information – it consists of details of your email id. All email correspondences and messages are maintained by us and are provided security equivalent to those we provide to mail and telephonic communications.

Information for Website use – we use cookies, which is a standard technology, along with server log files to analyze how visitors make use of our website, collecting details, such as time of visit, the duration, the pages that are most viewed and so on.

Using Your Information

Personal information of users is useful for offering you the correct products and services, processing payments and generally supervising the service. It improves our business administration and marketing and enables us to improve the content and layout of the site. We also share your information, not on any individual basis, but considering all users as a whole. We also use your information to contact you and inform you about new services and any special offers from our side. You can easily block these emails by clicking on the link provided by us.


It is an anonymous identifier that is unique to your particular visit to our site and consists of a small text document. It enables our site computer to request your computer to store the information in your hard drive. If your browser allows it, we can send our cookie, but a website can only access cookies they have sent you and not any others sent by other websites. You can modify your browser configuration and set it so that it does not accept cookies. The most important thing is that the cookie cannot pass on a virus to your computer nor can it take any other data from your hard drive.

How is Cookie information used?

The cookie distinguishes you from other users, as it is uniquely assigned. Cookies and the log files of our server help us asses which areas of our site are popular and the number of visitors. It is not intended to gather personal information for storing.

IP Address – What is it used for?

The computer uses IP addresses when you access the net. It is the identification number of your computer and our server collects it to assess traffic data, so that we can send you the pages you want.

Share/Sell Personal Information

Any personal information that uniquely identifies a user is not shared or sold, such as email address and so on, except if it is necessary to complete a transaction or provide a service.

Access/Correct your information

Contact us to access and correct any personal information about you in our database.

Is there any Disclosure Information that is Legally Mandatory?

Yes, if legally forced to do so, we can disclose your information. We will also disclose it for taking legal action against a person who violates the terms and conditions of our service for our or the public safety.

Policy regarding Websites linked to our Site

The practices of websites linked to ours do not concern us. Our privacy policy does not safeguard you when you go to another link. Once you leave our site, the policies of the other website start applying.

User’s Consent

You consent to our regulations when you use our website. We hold every right to make changes to the privacy policy at any time.

Security provided to Data

The information you provide is stored in the US computers and the laws here might not be the same as those in your country. Use information correctly and we have all procedures in place to provide security to the information we collect from you.

Opt in or opt out

You can subscribe at any time and will not be contacted any more.


We collect information through contests and surveys, but this is entirely up to you and it is not mandatory to disclose information, such as shipping address, zip code, age and so on. They are used for awarding prizes and improving the site for serving you better.

Children please note

Unsupervised children below 14 cannot use our site, but they can do so with their parents’ or guardian’s guidance.

Ownership changes

In case of such an event, your information may also be passed on and transferred.

Changes in Policy

We can make changes at any given time, but will inform you about it. However, even if we change our policy, we will not make use of information submitted prior to the change without your consent.